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Miss Whalley

My name is Miss Whalley and I teach Year Three at Mobberley. Our Cornerstones topic for Spring Term 2 is Scrummdiddlyumptious!

Your home learning over half term to prepare for our topic was- as always- fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing what you had been up to and your friends in our class loved seeing all of your wonderful work too!

I am really excited about teaching Year 3 this year, and can’t wait to start our new Imaginative Learning Project!

Have a look at our overview for Spring 2!

YEAR-3-spring-overview (2)


In Year Three, we read in class every day and have some wonderful helpers that also come in to read with us!

When we hear children read in school alongside building their phonetic skills we also support their comprehension skills.

Although we do read lots at school, it’s also important to read at home too! Below you will find a list of possible questions to help you with conversations about your child’s reading.  Use them at your discretion and where they are appropriate to encourage your child’s comprehension.

Happy Reading !!

Questions for Reading

Here are some Maths games we have enjoyed playing in class:

Maths Fishing

Hit the Button


Wow! What a fantastic day!

This year the theme for World Book Day is ‘Snuggle up and Share a Story’. This meant that we could all come into school in our pyjamas! We had such a fun day and all got to share our favourite books with one another.

Have a look at the books we chose (and our lovely PJ’s too) below!

IMG_3065 IMG_3064 IMG_3063 IMG_3062 IMG_3061 IMG_3060 IMG_3059 IMG_3057 IMG_3054 IMG_3053 IMG_3052 IMG_3051 IMG_3050 IMG_3049 IMG_3048 IMG_3047 IMG_3046 IMG_3045 IMG_3044 IMG_3043 IMG_3042 IMG_3041 IMG_3040 IMG_3039 IMG_3037 IMG_3036 IMG_3034 IMG_3033 IMG_3032 IMG_3030

Faith Day 

Year Three had a brilliant day focussing on Judaism and learning all about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. We learnt the story of Hanukkah and created some fabulous comic strips to retell the special story. We also had lots of fun making dreidels and playing a traditional Jewish game with them before creating some amazing Star of David’s from lollypop sticks. We loved sharing our day’s learning and creations with the rest of the school at the end of the day.

IMG_2393 IMG_2392 IMG_2391 IMG_2390 IMG_2389 IMG_2388 IMG_2387


We’re really excited for our Scrummdiddlyumptious topic! We are going to be looking at Fair Trade food and what makes food healthy. We’re also going to be learning about the history of CHOCOLATE whilst reading our book for this half term in English- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

We have been learning all about keeping ourselves healthy- including our teeth.We had a look at how astronauts brush their teeth in space and also looked at an antique toothbrush! We researched what people may have used before toothbrushes and even looked at what might happen if we didn’t brush our teeth! We looked at our own teeth using a mirror before creating our own models out of clay and labelling each tooth type.

IMG_2888 IMG_2895 IMG_2894 IMG_2893 IMG_2892 IMG_2891 IMG_2890 IMG_2889IMG_2916IMG_2915IMG_2914IMG_2913IMG_2912IMG_2911IMG_2910IMG_2909IMG_2908


This half term our topic has been ‘Predator!’. We have really enjoyed looking at different types of animals, learning about food chains and ‘apex predators’ and of course our visit from the birds of prey and our infamous trip to Chester Zoo! We wrote some fabulous non-chronological reports about tigers and really enjoyed reading ‘Dynasties’ by David Attenborough.


We had a visit from SMJ Falconry, who spoke to us all about different birds of prey and answered our amazing questions! He brought some of the birds to show us- some even flew for us on the field!

IMG_6240 IMG_6241IMG_6391IMG_6390IMG_6387IMG_6386IMG_6381IMG_6380IMG_6377IMG_6376IMG_6373IMG_6372IMG_6368IMG_6367IMG_6365IMG_6364IMG_6363IMG_6362IMG_6361IMG_6360IMG_6359

IMG_6287 IMG_6286IMG_6282IMG_6274



We have had such a brilliant time exploring our ‘Tremors’ topic this half term! Thank you for all of your wonderful research and learning at home to support our new learning in class. You all managed to teach me something new!

We explored the layers of the Earth and soil by using biscuit, oreos, wiggly worms, cocoa powder and even some strawberry ice cream sauce for the Earth’s core! Then we took them home to eat- YUM! IMG_2177 IMG_2172 IMG_2165 IMG_2163 IMG_2162 IMG_2158 IMG_2152 IMG_2151 IMG_2150 IMG_2147 IMG_2146 IMG_2145 IMG_2144 IMG_2143

When we learnt about Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, we decided it was definitely news worthy, and became reporters for the afternoon! We wrote our own scripts for our news report (live from Pompeii) before videoing them together. IMG_0485 IMG_0483 IMG_0479 IMG_0478 IMG_0477 IMG_0474

We wanted to explore how volcanoes erupted. Our ideas ranged from them erupting because they ‘feel sick’ to them getting ‘far too hot’ and needing to explode! We discovered that they really erupt because the gas particles ‘bang together’ and have nowhere to go other than through the roof of the caldera! Year three had a brilliant time recreating this by shaking up a can of fizzy drink until the gasses had nowhere to go but… UP. IMG_2304IMG_2301IMG_2308IMG_2309IMG_2313 IMG_2316

In Science, we’ve been looking at the properties of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. We sorted all of these different yummy treats into different rock types depending on their properties! IMG_2351 IMG_2350 IMG_2349 IMG_2348 IMG_2345 IMG_2344 IMG_2343 IMG_2341

Year 3 saw the destruction created by several earthquakes around the world, and wanted to explore ways that we could create ‘earthquake proof’ buildings. We spoke about using richter scales to measure the size of earthquakes and discussed the role of scientists who study earthquakes (seismologists). After this, we tried to create our own earthquake proof buildings with marshmallows and toothpicks before testing them with an earthquake in our classroom! IMG_1295 IMG_1294 IMG_1293 IMG_1292 IMG_1287 IMG_1285 IMG_1284 IMG_1282 IMG_1281 IMG_1280 IMG_1279 IMG_1277 IMG_1276 IMG_1275 IMG_1273

Philosophy for Children


In Year Three, we are not only geographers, scientists, writers, artists, mathematicians, historians, athletes (the list is endless!), we are also fabulous philosophers.

Today we watched a Christmas tale of a hedgehog who was so prickly that every time his friends tried to play with him they got hurt. Throughout the clip, he gets lonely, wishing he could play with his friends like everybody else. His friends have an idea to help him however, and surprise him with a Christmas present: some polystyrene to put on the end of his spikes so that his friends can hug him without being hurt!

Have a look at our fantastic philosophical questions and click the link below to watch the story.

Hedgehog Christmas

 P4C Hedgehog 22

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