Year 3

Teacher Name

Miss Whalley

My name is Miss Whalley and I teach Year Three at Mobberley. Our Cornerstones topic for Summer 1 is Scrummdiddliumptious!

I am really excited about teaching Year 3 this year, and can’t wait to start our new Imaginative Learning Project!



Home Learning

Talking to your child about why we are not in school.

Look at the links below for advice on discussing the current issues with young children.

Below, you will find an array of learning and activities for your children during this time. (Maths, English, History/Geography, Science, Wellbeing, Physical Activities).

Please ensure you have a good look at everything! There are lots of useful websites suggested too that you may want to access with your children.

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch – if you would like to write to me please send the letter to school addressed to me!

If you have an enquiry or even just a lovely update, my email address is I will always reply as quickly as I possibly can.

To keep up to date with each other and to share what we’re all up to, we have our own class Instagram! The account is private and is just for parents/ close family members of the children in our class. Lots of your other teachers from school are also following to keep up to date with what you’re all up to!

Find our page at @year3mobberley

Please keep me updated with all of the lovely things you are doing at home! You can either message through our class Instagram or through my email address. I’ve really loved seeing what you have been creating and doing during your first week of home learning; it’s been wonderful to see all of the fun things you’re up to.

  Learning Challenges

This week I would like you to complete 1 Science Task, 1 Art Task and 1 Topic Task as well as your Maths and English.

This Week’s Tasks

5 Maths Learning Sessions – one per day.

Below, I have attached a weekly plan for this week’s maths sessions. There’s one session for every day. They are clearly labelled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for you.

Maths WB 01.06.20

Resources for this week…

3 times tables

4 Times Table Checker

4 times table fortune teller

8 Times Table Checker

8 times table space race

multiples of 4

number cards


WB 18/05/20

Resources for this week…


What are ml and l?

litres or millilitres?

G to KG conversion PowerPoint

Animals Addition and Subtraction


Maths W/B 11/05/20

Resources for this week…

Weighing Items Table

comparing weights

Roald Dahl’s Worm Spaghetti

Mrs Bucket’s Cabbage Soup

5 English Learning Sessions- one per day.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We are starting our new English Unit – it’s one of my favourites! I hope you enjoy it too!

We will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Don’t worry if you don’t have the book, I will be uploading each chapter to our website when we need them and also some YouTube videos of it being read for you as well.

I have attached your learning tasks for each day in the document below. They are clearly labelled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for you.


English WB 01.06.20

Resources for this week…

Adjectives Verbs and Adverbs





Example chocolate room writing

handwriting paper

my chocolate room

Vocab and Reading


English WB 18.05.20

Resources for this week…

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Ten

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Twelve

Forever Food

Reading Questions Chapter Ten

Story Map

Vocab and Reading



English W/B 11/05/20

Resources for this week…

Chapter Eight

Chapter Five

Chapter Nine

Chapter Seven

Chapter Six

Create a Character

English Game and Instructions

Factory Worker Emotions and Illustrations

Interview with the Factory Worker

SPAG and Vocab

Word Bank

I have attached the spellings for this term below; please have a look at them! You may want to learn them and test them if you like but you don’t have to! Just make sure you’re looking at them a little each week. 

Orange Summer 1

Banana Summer 1

Strawberry Summer 1

Grape Summer 1


One Science Learning Session.

Our new Science Topic for this term is Animals and Humans!

This Week’s Challenge: 

This week we are going to explore our heart; why it gets faster sometimes and the best ways to warm up! This experiment is mainly about football but is the same for any sport! 

First watch the video below until 3:00. Don’t worry about remembering any of the specifics (some are quite tricky to remember!), I just want you to see what happens to our heart when we start to exercise.

How exercise increases our heart rate

Use the experiment results document below alongside the powerpoint (which leads you through the experiment) to carry out your experiment! You may need an adult to help you with this, unless you can use the timer yourself.

experiment results

Science Investigation Warm Ups ppt

One Topic Session.

Choose from the Scrummdiddliumptious Topic Menu further down the page- you can choose whichever you like! If you would like to choose more than one topic task in the week then you can!  

crystal sweets

Why not try to grow your own candy crystals?!

Here is the link if you want to have a go!

Sugar Crystals

 One Art/ D.T Session.

For your art this week, I would like you to have a go at drawing just like Quentin Blake, the illustrator of many of Roald Dahl’s books including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Watch the video below and draw along with Quentin Blake as he teaches you how to draw Willy Wonka!




This week I would like you to watch this video about the creation of the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ ride at Alton Towers. Could you design your own ride linked to the book? Could you make a prototype?

Point of View Ride Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Advert for Ride


Last Week’s Art (if you fancy it!

This week I would like you to take inspiration from the artist ‘Justina Blakeney’ who takes inspiration from the world around her to create portrats.


Can you create a portrait of yourself using objects from nature?!

portait 2 portrait portrait 3

French Home Learning from Madame Barker

Madame Barker has sent you some more wonderful French Home Learning for you! I know she can’t wait to see your beautiful work.

French Year 3 & 4 Home Learning 3

Music Letter from Mrs Eadie

Mrs Eadie has written you all a letter full of ideas to keep you musical!

Letter from Mrs Eadie

If you have more things to do/ would like to do more of the topic menu, please do.

Please make sure you read to somebody at least once a day!

Don’t forget to email me any work you are proud of!

Anything below this line is just to support your home learning.

Please do not feel that you have to do EVERYTHING here as there is lots! It’s just to support you and to give you some help if you are stuck for ideas after you have completed your weekly tasks. There are also some links to follow for some games; these are also not compulsory! Just if you have the time!

The tasks I have set for the week are at the TOP of the page (above the line!).

Virtual Tour

Click on the link below to open a document full of virtual tours and trips. There are art galleries, football stadiums, aquariums, landmarks an MANY more. Can you go on a virtual trip and write a review of what you saw/ experienced? Maybe you could create a factfile about somewhere you ‘visit’!

60 Virtual Tours and Trips

Easter Bingo

How many of the activities can you tick off on our ‘Easter Bingo’?

Easter Bingo

Life Skills

Why not use this time to learn some fantastic life skills?! Some will need adult supervision.

Life skills challenges 2


All of our parents can now access Twinkl which has lots of resources, ideas, advice and support for home learning.

Go to

Create an account using offer code UKTWINKLHELPS

You should then be able to access everything, including some home learning packs for each year group at!



The school has subscribed to MyMaths, an interactive Maths website for teaching, learning, revising and enjoying mathematics. Usernames and passwords have been given to pupils in years 1 – 6 and sent home to parents in a letter.


  • How do I find the homework my child has been set? When you go to the MyMaths homepage you will need to log in using your child’s new school username and password. You will then see some more boxes labelled ‘My Portal’ where you can put in your child’s username and password. In here you should see your child’s homework on the first screen you come to. If you can’t see it, then make sure you are on your homework page by clicking the ‘My Homework’ tab on the left hand side of the page.


Please use MyMaths every day during the week. I will be setting lessons and work for you to access and complete.


Your usernames and passwords will be with you very soon.

Follow this link to access mymaths.

Times Table Rockstars

We use Times Table Rockstars at school to practice our Times Tables. Please try to use this at least every other day to embed the Times Table knowledge that your children need.

I will be continuously changing the set tables for your children. Follow the link below to login on a computer, however TT Rockstars can also be used through the app on a smart phone or tablet.

TT Rockstars

Very Useful Websites

Gareth Metcalfe Live Maths Daily Lessons – live lessons and resources for KS2 children and ideas for activities and games for younger children for maths.

Maths Made Easy – Interactive and downloadable resources for Years 1 – 6.

STEM Maths – Be A Mathematician – lots of Maths games and challenges to download for ages 5-14.

Practice your money skills!

Here are some Maths games we have enjoyed playing in class:

Maths Fishing

Hit the Button


Here is the link for Kung Fu Punctuation…

Kung Fu Punctuation

Your English tasks for the week are clearly outlined in the Word document in the ‘learning challenges’ section. These are set for each day of the week.

If you have the time, and would like to do some extra writing, visit Pobble 365 and describe the daily picture. There should be a little arrow in the middle at the bottom of each picture; if you click it there will be some ideas to help you.

When you are writing…

Always Remember!

Capital Letters

Full Stops

Finger Spaces

Things to Consider…

  • Descriptive noun phrases
  • Similes
  • Powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs
  • Paragraphs
  • Different sentence types



Here is a list of suggested reads for children in Year Three…

Book Suggestions

Please choose 2 spellings from the list below to practice each day.

There is also a very extensive list of ways to practice these spellings; try to choose a different way to practice them each day.

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List

Practice Spelling Games

Spelling Frame Games (online)

Spelling Shed (lots of spelling activities, games and interactive resources)

Useful English Websites

BBC Bitesize

Lalilo (Phonics and Comprehension Practice)

Lalilo requires a subscription, however is currently free for all parents and teachers. Please sign up if you’d like your child to practice their sounds at home.



Oxford Owl

Reading activities and e-books.


Please ensure that you are continuing to read with your child every day- it can be a magazine, a website, a book or a newspaper. Don’t forget to write in your reading diaries!

Questions for Reading


 Topic (Ancient Greece/ Scrumdiddliumptious)

Below is a History Topic Menu for our Ancient Greek topic.

Choose one choice from the menu below per History task that you do at home.

How many points can you earn?!

Try to do your very best with each task that you choose.

Ancient Greeks Topic Menu

Our next topic will be Scrumdiddliumptious!

Have a look at the Topic Menu below and choose one choice for each task you do for our next topic. As always, try to do your best, beautiful work.

Scrumdiddliumptious Topic Menu


Madame Barker has planned some lovely french activities for you! Click below to have a look.

French Year 2 & 3 Home Learning


Science websites

BBC Learning –

Mystery Science – – Free science lessons


Met office-

Weather experiments-

Stay Active!

PE Passport

PE Passport provides lots of really lovely videos to stay active with challenges that you can easily do at home!

Go Noodle

Super Movers

Super Movers is a really fun website to use for actively learning. This is also where our Times Table songs that we dance to in class are!(‘hey ho, the three times table etc.)

Keep Fit with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has lots of great fitness videos (‘5 minute move’) for children. They are really fun and get you up on your feet!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you want to have a little relax, try some yoga. Cosmic Kids have some lovely yoga videos for you to join in with and some follow the theme of a story (Harry Potter etc.)

Wellbeing and Activities

If you are just wanting to find some lovely things to do at home that you never usually get the time for, click here for 100+ ideas of things to do indoors with children.

14 Day Wellbeing Challenge

Click on the link below to have a look at the ’14 Day Wellbeing Challenge’.

 The activities will help your children’s wellbeing at this difficult time and hopefully help to keep them occupied in a proactive and beneficial way.

ELSA Self Care

Here is a list of lovely ‘non-screen’ activities you can do at home…

  1. How many different words can you make from the letters in this sentence, below? Grab a pencil and paper and write a list!
    ‘Learning from home is fun’
  2. Thank a community hero. Think of someone that helps you in some way and write a short letter to thank them.
  3. Get building! You could build a Lego model, a tower of playing cards or something else!
  4. Can you create your own secret code? You could use letters, numbers, pictures or something else! Can you get someone else to try and crack it?
  5. Start a nature diary. Look out of the window each day and keep note
    of what you see. Birds, flowers, changes in the weather, what else?
  6. Hold a photo session. Use a camera or a mobile phone to take some snaps. What will you photograph? Your pets or toys perhaps?
  7. Build a reading den. Find somewhere cosy, snuggle up and read your favourite book!
  8. Use an old sock to create a puppet. Can you put on a puppet show for someone?
  9. Make a list of all the electrical items in each room of your home. Can you come up with any ideas to use less electricity?
  10. Design and make a homemade board game and play it with your family.
  11. Do something kind for someone. Can you pay them a compliment, make them something or help them with a task?
  12. Can you create a story bag? Find a bag and collect items to go in it that relate to a well known story. If you can’t find an item, you could draw a picture to include.
  13. List making! Write a list of things that make you happy, things you’re grateful for or things you are good at.
  14. Design and make an obstacle course at home or in the garden. How fast can you complete it?
  15. Can you invent something new? Perhaps a gadget or something to help people? Draw a picture or write a description.
  16. Keep moving! Make up a dance routine to your favourite song.
  17. Write a play script. Can you act it out to other people?
  18. Read out loud to someone. Remember to read with expression.
  19. Write a song or rap about your favourite subject.
  20. Get sketching! Find a photograph or picture of a person, place or object and sketch it.
  21. Junk modelling! Collect and recycle materials such as yoghurt pots, toilet rolls and boxes and see what you can create with them.
  22. Draw a map of your local area and highlight interesting landmarks.
  23. Write a postcard to your teacher. Can you tell them what you like most about their class?
  24. Draw a view. Look out of your window and draw what you see.
  25. Get reading! What would you most like to learn about? Can you find out more about it in books? Perhaps you can find a new hobby?


In Year Three, we read in class every day and have some wonderful helpers that also come in to read with us!

When we hear children read in school alongside building their phonetic skills we also support their comprehension skills.

Although we do read lots at school, it’s also important to read at home too! Below you will find a list of possible questions to help you with conversations about your child’s reading.  Use them at your discretion and where they are appropriate to encourage your child’s comprehension.

Happy Reading!

Questions for Reading

Our Religious Education focus this term has been Judaism.

We used the Hebrew alphabet today to write our names in Hebrew (right to left!) and discussed the importance of certain symbols to the Jewish community, including the Torah.

IMG_3505 IMG_3504 IMG_3503 IMG_3502 IMG_3501 IMG_3500 IMG_3499 IMG_3498 IMG_3497 IMG_3496 IMG_3495 IMG_3494 IMG_3493


Uh Oh!

We entered our classroom this afternoon to find an earthquake! We acted as detectives to try to work out what had happened and discussed how we think things like this happen in other places in the world.

Then, we used our wonderful acting skills and taught each other the earthquake safety procedures before having a go ourselves with two of us acting as the earthquake!

IMG_3247 IMG_3262 IMG_3261 IMG_3260 IMG_3252 IMG_3251 IMG_3250 IMG_3249 IMG_3248

We made our own seismometers today using paper cups to help us to measure earthquakes!

IMG_3334 IMG_3333 IMG_3332 IMG_3331 IMG_3330 IMG_3329 IMG_3328 IMG_3327 IMG_3325 IMG_3324 IMG_3323 IMG_3322 IMG_3320  IMG_3318 IMG_3317   IMG_3314 IMG_3313 IMG_3312 IMG_3311 IMG_3310

Today we focused on places around the world that have been struck by earthquakes and we were shocked to find that so many buildings are destroyed by the movements of the tectonic plates. We researched different architects and the ways in which they try to make buildings that can withstand a multitude of elements.

We used the ideas that we had gathered to design and create our own ‘earthquake proof’ buildings using marshmallows and toothpicks. We evaluated each other’s structures and discussed why some were more stable than others.

IMG_3291 IMG_3290 IMG_3289 IMG_3288 IMG_3287 IMG_3286 IMG_3285 IMG_3284 IMG_3283 IMG_3282 IMG_3280 IMG_3279 IMG_3278 IMG_3277 IMG_3276 IMG_3275 IMG_3274 IMG_3273 IMG_3272 IMG_3271 IMG_3270 IMG_3269 IMG_3268 IMG_3267 IMG_3266 IMG_3265 IMG_3264 IMG_3263


We wrote our very own song in music today based on erupting volcanoes! We’d l o v e to sing it to you at home!

We sorted real rocks into different types today based upon their physical features and what they feel like. Then, we wrote our very own song all about rock types to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle!


IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3404


This half term we are learning all about the Romans, particularly the Roman soldiers and how they defeated the Celtic warriors and their tribes in order to invade England.

As the Roman empire begun over 2,700 years ago, we found that very hard to picture as we are all only 7 and 8! To help us to picture this, we used toilet roll to create a timeline; each sheet of toilet roll signified 10 YEARS.

Look how long our toilet roll timeline was!

IMG_3614 IMG_3638 IMG_3637 IMG_3636 IMG_3635 IMG_3634 IMG_3633 IMG_3632 IMG_3631 IMG_3630 IMG_3629 IMG_3628 IMG_3627 IMG_3626 IMG_3625 IMG_3624 IMG_3623 IMG_3622 IMG_3621 IMG_3620 IMG_3619 IMG_3618 IMG_3617 IMG_3616

Below are some links to some Roman Recipes you might want to try at home!

Honey Cake

Flat Bread


Using shadow puppets that we so beautifully created at home, we explored shadows and discussed why they are formed and also explored opaque, transparent and translucent objects.

We experimented with our puppets and looked at ways in which we could change the size of the shadow, the shadow’s orientation and also ways to get rid of the shadow!

 IMG_3649 IMG_3651 IMG_3650 IMG_3652 IMG_3653 IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3656 IMG_3657 IMG_3658 IMG_3659

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