Year 4

Miss Jones


Welcome to Year 4

My name is Miss Jones and I teach Year 4.  I am also the English Lead for the school.

I’m excited to get to know all of the children and start our learning journey.

Please continue to read with your child at home and write this in their reading record when completed.

PE Days: Monday and Thursday.

Please contact me if you have any questions, my email is

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Weekly Spellings 


Our weekly spelling sound for the week beginning 08.11.21 is -ssion.

Children have practiced words such as  expression, profession, possession, admission, confession, permission.


We have been practicing the /a/ sound with the spellings a, a-e and e. We are practicing words such as behave, became, favourite, potatoes, cafe, canape. Don’t forget the accent on the e for cafe and canape.


This week we have been practicing spellings with the/e/ sound, spelt e or ea. Please see attached worksheet with the spellings for this week. Some of these spellings are quite long and tricky! Spellings e

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Monday 15.11.21

Tuesday 16.11.21 English: Time and Clause Conjunctions

Wednesday 17.11.21

Thursday 18.11.21

Friday 19.11.21

Home Learning week beginning 22.11.21

Monday 22.11.21 English worksheet: English Worksheet RE: RE Worksheet

Tuesday: 22.11.21

Activity Sheet Science of Sound Science

Expanded Noun phrases English

Lesson Presentation Hearing Sounds Science

Wednesday: 24.11.21

Prepositional Openers English

Equivalent Lengths 1 Maths

Julius Caesar History

Thursday: 25.11.21

YR3-4 Nativity songs 2021 Music

Maths Kilometers

Joe Wicks link: PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 22nd Jan – Bing video

Setting description WAGOLL English

Friday: Please complete my maths work from this week. There are a few gaps on mymaths. Please practise timestables on TT Rockstars.

Homework for w/b 15.11.21

History Homework: History Homework

Maths homework this week is on mymaths. Please log in and complete the activity.


Homework for w/b 22.11.21

English homework English Homework 26.11.21

Maths homework maths 26.11.21


Roman Day November 2021 

Children enjoyed dressing up in Roman clothes. They played Three Men’s Morris, a roman game which was a bit like noughts and crosses! At the end of the day, children enjoyed a Roman banquet, including apples with honey, grapes and a dessert called A Sweet.

IMG_1795[1] IMG_1787[1]

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