Year 6

Miss Rainbow

Welcome to Year 6!

My name is Miss Rainbow and I am the year 6 teacher and Science lead at Mobberley Primary School.

On Wednesday afternoons, Mrs Franklin also teaches Year 6 RE and Art.

Here you will find all the information you need for home learning

Year 6 Home Learning

Online learning timetable


To access the live lessons you will need to login to Microsoft Teams. If you are unable to attend a session, the lesson will be recorded and you should be able to find a video of this recording on the Microsoft Teams chat. If you have any issues with this, please let me know.

Each week I will be adding videos, worksheets and powerpoints to this page to support you in the activities I have set.

Week beginning 18th January

Monday 18th – This is the day I am at school – no online lessons today.

Maths activity – Complete 2 MyMaths activities and 20 mins on TTRockstars

English activity  – Watch me reading chapter 2 –

Copy of chapter 2 – The Hobbit – Chapter 2

Comprehension questions to answer in your book – Comprehension questions

Art/DT activity – This week, I would like you to design your Anderson shelter. You will need to draw a design for it in your book and label it with the materials you are going to use.


Spellings –  Don’t forget to learn your spellings for tomorrow’s spelling test.

Tuesday 19th

Maths activity – Decimals-as-fractions

English activity – Correct the mistakes

Science activity – watch this video

Links for second activity – 23 Eye Facts for Kids, Students and Teachers (

How does the human eye work? – BBC Bitesize     Please make sure you send me a picture of your science activity for Dojo points!

Wednesday 20th

Maths activity – Convert fractions into decimals

English activity – Character traits sheet

PE activity – 

Warm up – complete some of the stretches from here – Stretches Technique Card

Once you have done your warm up stretches, you will be continuing to complete the circuit from the powerpoint. Today I would like you to have a go at the rest of the exercises (starting from the star jumps). Remember to record your results in your book or on the sheet as next week you will be trying to beat your score!

PE Circuits Exercise Instructions Powerpoint

You can create your own recording sheet in your English/Topic book or print off  one PE Circuit Recording Activity Sheet

Thursday 21st

Maths activity – Fractions to decimals (2)

English activity – Cartoon to complete

Geography activity – watch this link:

Please make sure you send me a picture of your Geography activity for Dojo points!

World map to colour in

Friday 22nd

Maths activity – Spring-Block-1-Year-6-Decimals_v2

English activity – Writing speech activity

Music – Message from Mrs Eadie 18th Jan 2021


Week beginning 11th January


Maths activity – Beginner        Medium          Expert

English activity –

DT activity – listen to the powerpoint AIR-RAID-SHELTERS

Today, you need to research the different types of shelters used during World War 2. Create a fact file in your English/Topic book.

Click on the links below to help you with your research

Link for Rev. Scott’s assembly –


Maths activity – Sheet 1 – to complete if you find multiplications a bit tricky Multiply decimals by integers

                             Sheet 2 – to complete if you are confident with your multiplications Multiply decimals by integers challenge sheet

English activity – instructions in live lesson – powerpoint to support your writing – Powerpoint for lesson

Key word list for character description

Science – Before starting your work you will need to write today’s title – Does light travel in straight lines?

Watch this video:

Once you have watched the video, you need to write definitions for the words: opaque, translucent and transparent (if you can’t remember what these words mean you will need to look it up).

Don’t forget to send me pictures of your experiment if you manage to do it!


Maths activity – Complete the 2 MyMaths activities I have set for you and go on TTrockstars

English activity – Read through the first chapter of the Hobbit. It can be a difficult book to read, so if you find it tricky, I have created a video of me reading the book for you. The Hobbit           Link to me reading:

Answer the reading comprehension questions in your book. You will find the answers to these from the first two pages of the extract. The Hobbit reading comprehension questions

You will also need to begin learning your spellings for next week. We will be having a spelling test on Tuesday. You are in the same spelling groups you were in when we were in class.

Group 1 spellings                              Group 2 spellings

PE – Warm up – complete some of the stretches from here – Stretches Technique Card

Once you have done your warm up stretches, you will be completing one round of the circuit training below. Click through the powerpoint to see how to complete each of the sections. You need to do the first 6 activities today and record your results. Maybe you can compete against someone at home!

PE Circuits Exercise Instructions Powerpoint

You can create your own recording sheet in your English/Topic book or print off  one PE Circuit Recording Activity Sheet


Maths activity – Divide decimals by integers

Complete this next sheet if you complete all the questions before 10.30 Extension sheet

English activity – Instructions in the live lesson – powerpoint to support your writing – Lesson powerpoint

Geography activity – Listen to presentation – Lesson Presentation Changing Boundaries 2

Map of Europe pre-WW2  Map of Europe in 1923

Map of Europe post -WW2 Map of Europe


Maths activity – Adding and subtraction decimals

English activity – Sentence starters and key words     Lesson powerpoint Presentation1

Music – Message from Mrs Eadie 11th Jan 2021

German – German 11-1-21

Week beginning 4th Jan


Maths activity (Choose one of the sheets below to complete based on how you found the lesson)

Beginner                    Medium                     Expert

English activity

Vocab work

Afternoon activity

Mrs Barker has left a German activity for you to complete. Complete the work for this in your English/Topic book.

German 4-1-21


Maths activity – Three decimal places

If you struggled in the lesson complete questions 1-5 (you will need to draw the place values charts for the first question)

If you understood everything in the lesson complete questions 3-7

English  activity

Answer the question – what are we able to learn about Bilbo Baggins from the extract we read this morning?

Hobbit extract

Sentence starters to use

From this paragraph I am able to tell that Bilbo is….

This is because in the text it says….

I am also able to tell that he likes/dislikes….

This is because it says…….

You must write at least 3 different points

Hobbit trailer link –

Afternoon activity – Geography

Listen to the powerpoint below

Introduction to World War 2   (Click on ‘slideshow’ , ‘play from beginning’ to hear my instructions

Link to video of someone talking about getting evacuated during the war History KS2: An evacuee’s adventure – BBC Teach

Create a postcard to send back to your family

Postcard template

See below an example of how to draw a postcard in your book

How to draw a postcard in your book example


Maths activity – Decimals questions

English activity questions 

1)How is the legend of Alderley Edge different to other traditional tales?

2)How is the legend of Alderley Edge the same as other traditional tales?

3)Why do you think the old man is in the cave with the soldiers?

4)Where do you think the soldiers came from and how long do you think they have been there for?

5)Who do you think the soldiers will have to fight in their battle?

Afternoon activity – Science (this week the afternoon activities will be slightly different from the timetable)

Video for lesson

Introduction to light activity



Maths Homework will be set using MyMaths


The school has subscribed to MyMaths, an interactive Maths website for teaching, learning, revising and enjoying mathematics. Usernames and passwords have been given to pupils in years 1 – 6 and sent home to parents in a letter.

  • How do I find the homework my child has been set? When you go to the MyMaths homepage you will need to log in using your child’s new school username and password. You will then see some more boxes labelled ‘My Portal’ where you can put in your child’s username and password. In here you should see your child’s homework on the first screen you come to. If you can’t see it, then make sure you are on your homework page by clicking the ‘My Homework’ tab on the left hand side of the page.

Any further questions or queries please speak to your child’s class teacher

English homework

Read Theory – Reading comprehension activities


5 Day Act Fast Challenge First Aid (Are you ready to complete  the 5-day First Aid Challenge?) – Each day you will learn new first aid skills. There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time. Find the booklet here. (click on the days below to link to the videos on YouTube).

Day 1 Signs of life Calling 999 What3Words Challenge Day 2 Looking after your casualty ABC Challenge Day 3 Safe Airway Position Video Challenge Day 4 CPR Defibrillator Challenge Day 5 First aid for bleeding Bandaging Challenge

Each day you will learn new first aid skills. There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time.  All videos can be found on the Act Fast First Aid You Tube Channel



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