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Welcome to Year 6

I am Mrs Whalley and I teach Year 6 for four days of the week.  I am also Deputy Head, Key Stage 2 Lead, Maths Lead and share the RE lead.

On Tuesdays, Mrs Kozyra, who shares the lead of RE teaches Year 6 RE and SPAG and runs ‘The Young Leaders Award’ in school with Year 6, which is a unique active citizenship programme which empowers young people to make a difference in their local community whilst growing in key leadership skills at the same time.


Our Cornerstones Creative Curriculum studies for the SUMMER term is: The Maya civilisation

We are really looking forward to this term and all the exciting things to come!



Home Learning

Talking to your child about why we are not in school.

Look at the links below for advice on discussing the current issues with young children.

Below, you will find an array of learning and activities for your children during this time. (Maths, English, History/Geography, Science, Wellbeing, Physical Activities).

Please ensure you have a good look at everything! There are lots of useful websites suggested too that you may want to access with your children.




German Year 5 & 6 Home Learning week beginning 18 5 20

YR6 Music from Mrs Eadie

Message from Mrs Eadie 25th May

 Message to Year 6:

Image 10-05-2020 at 16.17

Links to the chapters of The Last Wild – read by the author Piers Torday

Week Ten (1/6/20)   English  Maths    Science    Art (Have a go at some 3D modelling – using household objects in the style of Darrell Wakelam)   History (Maya explorers and primary/secondary sources) Read through the Powerpoint – Slide 9 explains your History work – resources are below

Spellings Tests this week:  Group 1   Group 2     Group 3     Group 4  Crossword for spelling patterns

English Vocabulary Activity 1/6/20

SPAG Message from Mrs Kozyra 2/6/20

SPAG Powerpoint Lesson 2/6/20

SPAG Activity 1 2/6/20

SPAG Activity 2 2/6/20

Reading Comprehension ‘The Cave’ 3/6/20

Questions for Reading Comprehension PAGE ONE ‘The Cave’ 3/6/20

Answers for Reading Comprehension PAGE ONE 3/6/20

Questions for Reading Comprehension PAGE TWO ‘The Cave’ 4/6/20

Answers for Reading Comprehension PAGE TWO ‘The Cave’ 4/6/20

5/6/20 Creative Writing – ‘The mirror in the attic’ Powerpoint

Fractions of Amounts questions 3/6/20

Answers Fractions of Amounts questions 3/6/20

Microbes website link for this weeks science focus

Activity 1 – Introduction to Microbe/Micro-organisms Powerpoint 1

Activity 1 – Introduction to Microbe/Micro-organisms Powerpoint 2

Activity 1 – Quiz 1

Activity 1 – Quiz 2

Activity 1 – Poster ‘What are Microbes?’

Activity 5 – Design your own microbe

History – Activity Historical Picture Study Analysis Sheet

History – Frederick Catherwood Photos for analysis

Week Nine (18/5/20). English  Maths  Science Heart model Activity   Science Muscles Activity  Geography  Art  


A link to our new video to you from the staff at Mobberley School


SPELLING Tests this week:  Group 1     Group 2        Group 3       Group 4

Powerpoint – Activities to help you learn and remember your spellings

English Vocabulary Activity 18/5/20

SPAG Lesson May 19th from Mrs Kozyra

SPAG Starter activity – hyphens SATs questions 19th May

SPAG May 19th Activity 1

SPAG 19th May Activity 2

20 5 20 – Reading Comprehension – The Last Wild – Chapters 1-5

Reading Comprehension Questions 20 5 20

How to write a PERSUASIVE advert – 21 5 20

Character sheet for character description for 22 5 20

Link to Maths 18/5/20 Video:

Link to Maths 18/5/20 Questions:

Link to Maths 22/5/20diagnostic questions

Geography Video BBC Architecture

Blank World Map for Geography Task

Art Resources – Sheet 1     Sheet 2



Week Eight (11/5/20). English   Maths  Science Capillary Action Experiment   Science – Make a lung model   Science – Measuring Pulse Rates    Art (optical illusion drawings)

SPELLING Tests this week:        Group 1     Group 2        Group 3        Group 4

English Vocabulary Activity 11/5/20

SPAG Powerpoint Lesson 12/5/20

SPAG Activity 1 – 12/5/20

SPAG Activity 2 – 12/5/20

SPAG Activity 3 – 12/5/20

Reading Comprehension – The Ruby Airship by Sharon Gosling – 13/5/20

Questions for Reading comprehension 13/5/20

Example of an AGAINST paragraph for you balanced argument 14/5/20

Writing your conclusion – examples 15/5/20

Maths Powerpoint Lesson Two-Way Tables 12/5/20

Maths Activity 1 Two-Way Tables 12/5/20

Answers to Maths Activity 1 Two-Way Tables 12/5/20

Link to Maths 14/5/20 Video:

Link to Maths 14/5/20 Questions: 


Week Seven (4/5/20).   English  Maths  Science   History   Science Challenge  Design and Technology

Young Leaders’ ActivitiesYoung Leader letter from Mrs Kozyra  – Archie’s Challenge GridArchie’s Skills Sheet  – Personal Challenges

English Vocabulary Activity 4/5/20

SPAG Powerpoint Lesson 5/5/20

SPAG 1 Activity

SPAG 2 Activity

Answers to SPAG Activity 2

Reading Comprehension – The Mystery of The Jaguar God Mask 6/5/20

Questions for Reading comprehension 6/5/20

Example balanced argument introductions 7/5/20

Example of a FOR paragraph for you balanced argument 8/5/20

Balance argument Sentence starters


Week Six (27/4/20). English  Maths  Art 1  Art 2   Science Challenge

Features of Balanced Arguments Power-point 30/4/20

More Features of Balanced Arguments Power-point 30/4/20

Balanced argument example 1 – Should mobile phones be banned in schools- 30/4/20

Balance argument example 2 – Has the time come to ban cars from the centre of towns and cities? – 30/4/20

Analyse Balanced Argument 30/4/20

Your Plan for your Balanced Argument ‘Are zoos a good place for animals?’ 1/5/20

Added facts – for and against ‘Are zoos a good place for animals?’ – 1/5/20

Balance argument Sentence starters

SPELLING PRACTICE – Year 5/6 spellings   6/4/20   13/4/20   20/4/20   27/4/20   4/5/20   11/5/20

North Central South America blank map

The Human Heart Diagram Display Poster

human heart blank for labelling

Maya Myth 1.   Maya Myth 2.   Maya Myth 3.  Maya Myth 4.  Maya Myth 5.  Maya Myth 6.

What are Myths?


5 Day Act Fast Challenge First Aid (Are you ready to complete  the 5-day First Aid Challenge?) – Each day you will learn new first aid skills. There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time. Find the booklet here. (click on the days below to link to the videos on YouTube).

Day 1 Signs of life Calling 999 What3Words Challenge Day 2 Looking after your casualty ABC Challenge Day 3 Safe Airway Position Video Challenge Day 4 CPR Defibrillator Challenge Day 5 First aid for bleeding Bandaging Challenge

Each day you will learn new first aid skills. There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time.  All videos can be found on the Act Fast First Aid You Tube Channel


Useful links


Maths Homework will be set using MyMaths


The school has subscribed to MyMaths, an interactive Maths website for teaching, learning, revising and enjoying mathematics. Usernames and passwords have been given to pupils in years 1 – 6 and sent home to parents in a letter.

  • How do I find the homework my child has been set? When you go to the MyMaths homepage you will need to log in using your child’s new school username and password. You will then see some more boxes labelled ‘My Portal’ where you can put in your child’s username and password. In here you should see your child’s homework on the first screen you come to. If you can’t see it, then make sure you are on your homework page by clicking the ‘My Homework’ tab on the left hand side of the page.

Any further questions or queries please speak to your child’s class teacher


A TWINKL login

Also included will be a Twinkl login for Parents that will allow you to access a whole host of resources to support your child, including SAT style papers, themed helpsheets and activities with crib sheets.

Please see:





Very Useful Websites

(links to home learning tasks will be here)



In school we use White Rose Maths to plan our class mathematics.  Please find the link to the White Rose learn from home site. Here is a link to fractions and decimals so they can recap learning.

White Rose Home Learning Year 6

Diagnostic Questions

5 a Day – 5 a day maths questions, plus videos and worksheets on many areas of maths – suitable for Years 3 – 6.

IXL Learning – Please try to use this at least once per week.

The website gives children questions based on mathematics that we have already learnt about in class and will hopefully encourage them to revisit concepts from earlier in the year.

Gareth Metcalfe Live Maths Daily Lessons – live lessons and resources for KS2 children and ideas for activities and games for younger children for maths.

Multiplication Games

Maths Made Easy – Interactive and downloadable resources for Years 1 – 6.

STEM Maths – Be A Mathematician – lots of Maths games and challenges to download for ages 5-14.

Maths Shed – Maths games and resources for all year groups.


Read Theory – Reading comprehension activities


Log on to World Book Reader using the login details below, choose a book and write a review of that book – include what you like about it; what you think other people would like about it; include interesting facts or quotes from the book in your review; give the book a rating and draw a front cover to go along with your book review.

Username: YEAR6*

Password: YEAR6

Pobble – Writing activities for English

Literacy zone – Words and Spellings/SPAG/Writing

50 best books for 11 – 12 year olds – comprehensive list of great reads for 11 – 12 year olds


Science Museum Games and Apps – a selection of science-focused games and activities

Primary Homework help has several fun online interactive activities to help with topic/science homework

BBC Bitesize

Crickweb Science – Science games, interactive science resources and activities for your IWB, PC or Mac. Learning science facts about light, variation, magnets, springs, earth, sun and moon, changing states, materials, life cycles, habitats, minibeasts and our body.

Science Quizzes – Enjoyable KS2 Science revision quizzes to teach students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6


Geography Resources

National Geographic Kids

BBC Bitesize

Geography Quizzes

Primary Homework


BBC History

History Quizzes

Primary Homework

Maya History Resources

Video – introducing the Maya people/history

Find out about the Maya people

Maya bbc

Maya history link

National geographic kids history Maya

More Maya facts



Tate Kids – Art and Design focused activities and games

Paul Carney Online drawing Programme – Fantastic Drawing Lessons (Foundation Stage/Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced)

Drawing Techniques PowerPoint

Shading Objects Activity Sheet

Shading Circles Activity Sheet

Drawing with Charcoal Activity Sheets

Drawing Texture Activity Sheet

Drawing Perspective Activity Sheet

Drawing Figures Activity Sheet

Free art lessons

Learn to draw with famous illustrators 

Stay Active!

Try to do at least one active activity per day!

PE Passport

PE Passport provides lots of really lovely videos to stay active with challenges that you can easily do at home! – daily challenges

Go Noodle

Super Movers

Super Movers is a really fun website to use for actively learning. This is also where our Times Table songs that we dance to in class are!(‘hey ho, the three times table etc.)

Keep Fit with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has lots of great fitness videos (‘5 minute move’) for children. They are really fun and get you up on your feet!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you want to have a little relax, try some yoga. Cosmic Kids have some lovely yoga videos for you to join in with and some follow the theme of a story (Harry Potter etc.)


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Year 6 – Yearly Overview

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