Year 6

Miss Rainbow

Welcome to Year 6!

My name is Miss Rainbow and I am the year 6 teacher and Science lead at Mobberley Primary School.

Year 6 Greet the Teacher video:

Year 6 Autumn overview: YEAR 6 autumn overview

Year 6 timetable

Year 6 timetable 2

Weekly spellings – Autumn Term 2

WB Nov 8th – Spelling slides 1        Week 1 spellings

WB Nov 15th – Spelling slides 2

WB Nov 22nd – Spelling slides 3

WB Nov 29th – Spelling slides 4

WB Dec 6th – Spelling slides 5

WB Dec 13th –

Autumn Term 1


Book focus: The arrival

This term we will be reading the book, ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan. Children will be writing setting and character descriptions. They will also use this book as inspiration to write a persuasive letter.


  • Number: Place value

This unit will cover numbers to 10 million, negative numbers and rounding numbers.

  • Number: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

This unit will cover: adding and subtracting numbers with more than 4 digits; multiplying a 4 digit by a 2 digit number; short division; long division; factors, multiples and primes to 100; square and cube numbers; and order of operations.



Areas of focus: Technology in our lives – Online safety

During this topic children will learn how to manage their online content in a safe and secure way.



Topic question: Why are there so many rainforests in South America?

Students will be learning about the diverse continent of South America and the importance of protecting the rainforests. During this topic they will be answering the following key questions:

  1. Where is South America and how does its position in the world affect its climate?
  2. What is a biome and can you explain why most of the world’s rainforests are in the tropics/near the equator?
  3. What are the physical geography differences between a country in South America and the UK?
  4. What are the different vegetation belts found in a rainforest?
  5. What are the main trade links between the UK and South America? How do the imports and exports of the UK differ to those in South American countries?
  6. What are the reasons for and against cutting down the rainforest?



Focus: Animals and their habitats

Students will be learning about the Linnaeus system used to classify animals. During this topic they will answer the following questions:

  • Why do animals need to be catergorised into broad groups?
  • Who is Carolus Linnaeus and what is his classification system?
  • What are microorganisms and how can they be classified into groups?
  • Which animal groups will you in your local habitat?
  • Which animal groups will you find in a South American habitat? (link to Geography work)


Focus: Art and design skills

This art unit will cover the following techniques:

  1. Why is a sketchbook a necessary tool for an artist?
  2. How can you mix colours to create impressionist art?
  3. What are zentangle patterns and how can they be used in art?
  4. How can you use printing to create a pattern?
  5. What features can you discuss when analysing a piece of art?



Focus: Think positive

This unit will cover the following topics:

  • How to deal with negative emotions and feelings
  • Strategies to respond to feelings
  • How their actions can affect other people
  • How to have a positive mindset
  • Mindfulness techniques that can be used to manage intense emotions

Spelling list

Autumn 1 Spelling List

Work to complete at home for those not in school

Please bring any work you complete at home back into school with you.

Week beginning 22/11/21

Monday 22nd

Maths – Watch the ‘mixed addition and subtraction’ video below and complete the worksheet



English – Complete the following reading comprehension worksheet



RE – Look through the powerpoint below


Complete the matching activity

Hindu gods matching

Tuesday 23rd

Maths –  Watch the ‘multiply fractions by integers’ video below

Complete the worksheet

Maths worksheet 2

English – Today, you are going to write a ‘cold piece’ writing activity. Remember, this is when you write something before we have learnt about it. I would like you to write a biography of your own life. Please remember to bring this into school when you return.

History – Look through the powerpoint below

#Lesson Presentation Maya Writing

Complete the activity sheet below

Activity Sheet Logograms


Wednesday 24th

Maths –  Watch the ‘multiply fractions by fractions’ video below

Complete the worksheet below


English – Today you will be identifying the past progressive in sentences. Look through the powerpoint to understand what this is and then complete the worksheet.


Identifying past progressive lesson

Science – Look through the powerpoint below to find the evidence for evolution and then complete the worksheet.

Lesson Presentation Evidence for Evolution

Evolution evidence worksheet

Thursday 25th

Maths –  Watch the ‘divide fractions by integers’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – Read through the biography of Thomas Edison below and then identify each of the features on the worksheet

Thomas Edison


Friday 26th

Maths –  Watch the ‘divide fraction by integers 2′ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – Next week in class, we will be writing a biography about Charles Darwin. To prepare for this you will need to research his life. Read the powerpoint below and note down as many interesting facts as you can.


PE – How many of the activities on the cards can you complete?


Week beginning 01/11/21

Tuesday 2nd 

Maths – Watch the ‘order of operations’ video below

Complete the worksheet

order of operations

English – complete the reading comprehension sheet below



Science – Complete the pre-assessment (don’t forget to bring this into school)


Watch the video below

Can you find out all the traits and characteristics you have inherited from your family? Create a poster to show this. Use the powerpoint below to help you.


Wednesday 3rd

Maths – watch the mental calculations video on the link below

Complete the following worksheet

Wednesday worksheet

English – We are doing our remembrance handwriting competition today. Can you re-write the poem below on the template provided in your neatest writing? Don’t forget to bring it into school with you.

Remembrance poem                  Narrow Lined Portrait

RE – Today we will be finding out about the 5 daily duties for Hindus. Read through the powerpoint below and complete the worksheet.


RE worksheet

Week beginning 18/10/21

Monday 18th

Maths – Watch the ‘long division 3′ video below.

Complete the worksheet below

Y6-Autumn-Block-2-WO7-Long-division-3-2020 (1)

English – This week we will be writing our persuasive letter. Complete the sheet below writing how you feel about each of the statistics about refugees and what you think should be done about it.

English worksheet

RE – Look through the powerpoint below and complete the activity sheet.

#Lesson Presentation Symbols and Meanings              Hindu Symbolism Activity Sheet

Tuesday 19th

Maths – Watch the ‘common factors’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – Today you are going to start writing your persuasive letter. Look through the powerpoint below and use the support sheet and sentence starters on the powerpoint to help you. Use slides 2 and 3 to support you today. You should try to complete your opening paragraph.

Persuasive letter               Support sheet for letter

Geography – Design a poster listing the reasons we should protect the rainforest. If you need a reminder of the reasons from last weeks lesson, use the following websites to help you.

Wednesday 20th

Maths – Watch the ‘common multiples’ video below

Complete the worksheet below


English – Today you are continuing to start writing your persuasive letter. Look through the powerpoint below and use the support sheet and sentence starters on the powerpoint to help you. Try to write the 2nd and 3rd paragraph today. Use slides 4 and 5 to help you.

Persuasive letter               Support sheet for letter

Science – Your homework over half term is going to be to create a field guide of your local area. Today we are going to be finding out which animals and plants live in our local area. Look through the powerpoint below and use the animal ID sheet and the plant ID sheet to help you to identify different animals and plants in your garden.

Lesson Presentation Field Guide        Activity Sheet Local Species

Animals ID Sheet                          Plants ID Sheet

Thursday 21st

Maths – Watch the ‘primes to 100′ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – 

Friday 22nd

Maths – Watch the ‘square and cube numbers’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – 

PE – 

Week beginning 11/10/21

Monday 11th

Maths – Watch the ‘short division’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – For the next 2 weeks, we are going  to be writing a persuasive letter. Today I would like to find the features of a persuasive letter.

Look through the powerpoint below

Persuasive Letter Writing PowerPoint

Match the features with examples below

Use the features definition sheet below to help you find each of the features in the text. You can choose between the support or challenge text.

Definitions of features

Support sheet 1         Support sheet 2

Challenge sheet 1       Challenge sheet 2

RE – To be able to explain why Hindus are vegetarian

Watch the links below

Watch the five key facts video below

Task – Using the knowledge you have gained from the videos, create a poster explaining why Hindus are vegetarian.

Tuesday 12th

Maths – Watch the ‘division with factors’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – Find the definitions of each of the words below

Definitions worksheet

Geography – Next week, we will be having a debate in class on whether or not people should be cutting down the rainforest. Today, I would like you to research this issue. Make as many notes as you can as this will help you with next week’s activity. I have included a powerpoint and website links below to help you.

The Deforestation Debate PowerPoint

Wednesday 13th

Maths – Watch the ‘long division (1)’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – Look through the contrasting conjunction powerpoint

Contrasting conjunctions powerpoint

Complete the worksheets below

Worksheet 1         Worksheet 2

Science – 

Thursday 14th

Maths – Watch the ‘long division (2)’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – Next week we will be writing about refugees. Can you use the following website to research facts about them

Friday 15th

Maths – Watch the ‘long division (3)’ video below

Complete the worksheet


English – Complete the reading comprehension activity below

Reading comprehension

PE – Move at Home Throwing and Catching

Week beginning 04/10/21

Monday 4th

Maths – Watch the ‘Multiply 2 digits by 2 digits’ video and complete the worksheet below

Monday maths worksheet

English – Active and passive voice grammar lesson

Watch the video and complete each of the activities on this webpage

Complete the worksheet below

Monday worksheet 1           Monday worksheet 2

RE – Watch the following video

Complete the two worksheets below


Tuesday 5th

Maths – Watch the ‘Multiply 4 digits by 2 digits’ video and complete the worksheet below

Tuesday Maths worksheet

English – Read through the following character description. Identify quotes from the text that give you clues about the character and then tell write what they tell you. I have provided an example for you. You can choose between the support, original or challenge text.

support           original       Challenge

Science – This week in science we will be completing an investigation in science. Below you will find out what we will be doing for the experiment, which you can also complete at home if you have the ingredients and equipment already.

Yeast Experiment

If you do not have the equipment, watch the video below and then draw a diagram of what happened in the experiment and write a set of instructions explaining how to carry out the experiment.

Wednesday 6th

Maths – Watch the ‘divide 4 digits by 1 digit’ video and complete the worksheet

Wednesday maths worksheet

English – Choose one of the pictures of a character from ‘The Arrival’ below. You are going to complete the worksheet describing what that person is like. On the outside of the picture you need to write information about your character. What is their personality like, who do they live with, how have they travelled to the new country? On the outside you need to describe what they look like. You need to think about how you can show the facts about them from the way they look. Use the example to help you.

Example         sheet to complete          Pictures to choose from

Geography – Read through the powerpoint below

South America Slide5

Complete the worksheet below using the fact cards to help you

Worksheet           Fact cards

Thursday 7th

National Poetry Day activity – Can you come up with your own poem about animals. Use the activity sheet below to help you.

National poetry day activity

English – Read through the powerpoint to  remind yourself how to include relative clauses in sentences.

Relative clauses

Watch the video

Complete the activity below

Relative clause task

Friday 8th

Maths – Watch ‘divide with remainders’ video and complete the worksheet

Friday maths worksheet

English – Today you are going to write a character description of the picture you chose earlier in the week. Your description should include relative clauses. Use the model below to support you.

Model text

PE – Move at Home Football Workout 2

Homework (Due Thursday 14th)

Complete 1 x MyMaths activity

Complete 3xRead Theory activities

Week beginning 27/09/21

This week we are completing assessments in class. You will be doing these when you return to school. Below I have put some sheets covering some of the things we have learnt in the first few weeks back for you to go over again.


Maths – t2-m-4330-negative-number-puzzle-activity-sheet_ver_6

English – Choose one of the pictures from the pack below and describe the setting using all the techniques we have learnt in class over the last couple of weeks.


PE – Complete as many of the challenges as you can from the football at home worksheet

Move at Home Football Workout


Maths – T2-M-1205-Round-Any-Whole-Number-to-a-Required-Degree-of-Accuracy-Worksheet

English – You will receive a link today for the ‘Wild Child’ live author event. It begins at 10am.

Science – Read about the different types of microorganisms using this presentation


Then, use the following worksheet to draw a picture of each microorganism and write down facts you were able to find out about it.

Classifying Micro-Organisms


Maths – Horizontal Format – Multiply 4-Digits by 1-Digit

English – t-e-2552819-uks2-euro-2020-summer-2021-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity_ver_1



Homework links

Maths Homework will be set using MyMaths


The school has subscribed to MyMaths, an interactive Maths website for teaching, learning, revising and enjoying mathematics. Usernames and passwords have been given to pupils in years 1 – 6 and sent home to parents in a letter.

  • How do I find the homework my child has been set? When you go to the MyMaths homepage you will need to log in using your child’s new school username and password. You will then see some more boxes labelled ‘My Portal’ where you can put in your child’s username and password. In here you should see your child’s homework on the first screen you come to. If you can’t see it, then make sure you are on your homework page by clicking the ‘My Homework’ tab on the left hand side of the page.

Any further questions or queries please speak to your child’s class teacher

English homework

Read Theory – Reading comprehension activities


5 Day Act Fast Challenge First Aid (Are you ready to complete  the 5-day First Aid Challenge?) – Each day you will learn new first aid skills. There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time. Find the booklet here. (click on the days below to link to the videos on YouTube).

Day 1 Signs of life Calling 999 What3Words Challenge Day 2 Looking after your casualty ABC Challenge Day 3 Safe Airway Position Video Challenge Day 4 CPR Defibrillator Challenge Day 5 First aid for bleeding Bandaging Challenge

Each day you will learn new first aid skills. There is also a daily challenge to complete in your own time.  All videos can be found on the Act Fast First Aid You Tube Channel



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