We believe every child matters and as such is entitled to the best teaching and learning opportunities the school can afford them.  Our teaching staff focus on enabling every child to reach their full potential, whatever the starting point. We encourage the growth of personal confidence, the ability to communicate and co-operate with others and to develop strong moral values. We use a wide range of teaching strategies and learning opportunities, including learning outside the classroom and use of technology, alongside traditional methods.

In line with the requirements of the new Primary National Curriculum 2014 we offer a broad and balanced curriculum in the core and other foundation subjects as prescribed in the guidance. The core areas, English and Mathematics, are taught discretely every morning. In English there is a focus on reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening, punctuation and grammar. We teach synthetic phonics, word patterns and spelling, and we set high standards for handwriting. We also study RE, computing, history, geography, science, languages, design & technology, art & design, music and PE, often using a thematic approach, educational field trips and a wide range of enrichment activities.

The school has chosen to use the ‘Cornerstones’ published materials Creative Learning with Backbone to deliver the foundation subjects across the school, including EYFS. Sample materials can be viewed online on the following website www.cornerstoneseducation.co.uk.

Cornerstones Curriculum Coverage

Whole School Book Band Guide