A walk through the school

All pupils begin their school lives in Class One, also referred to as the Reception Class. The dedicated staff in Class One work with each child to assess their abilities when they enter the school and then prepare them for learning within the supportive and nurturing environment which makes Mobberley Primary so special.

At this time, Mobberley C of E Primary School has six classes and the children move up the school, spending more than one year in some classes, according to their specific learning needs and developmental requirements. There are basic expectations for each year group and these are for the ‘average’ pupil in the cohort. It is necessary to pitch and differentiate learning and teaching so as to provide the right degree of challenge for every ability present in each class.

As well as the basics of Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Computing we have developed a ‘Creative Learning’ studies approach to embrace the other foundation subjects. An imaginative learning project studied each half term affords pupils the opportunity to use and apply the skills taught in English and Maths across a range of subjects. Educational field trips to places of interest and guest visiting speakers come into school. Last year we welcomed the illustrator Nick Sharratt who gave the children valuable insight into his work.

We run two enrichment days a year when children work in house groupings (mixed ages). This type of enrichment is very enjoyable for the children, giving many a chance to shine in something different, as well as offering a valuable opportunity for staff to assess children’s work in the subjects which are harder to measure attainment and understanding.