Pupil Voice

At Mobberley Primary School, we are committed to listening to our children. We feel that it is important to hear their views and we want them to feel that their opinion matters.

We have dedicated teams of children from all year groups who share their thoughts and opinions on a regular basis. The School Council, for example, expressed an interest in getting more playground equipment for lunchtimes. The staff listened to this and now all children in the school have benefitted from new items such as skipping ropes, balls, beanbags and hula hoops.

Other groups often meet to discuss their views and make decisions such as charities to support for the year. The Young Leaders were integral to fundraising on our Action for Australia day and the Ethos Team decorated a Christmas Tree for a local festival for the community to enjoy. The Eco Team decided that they wanted to purchase recycling bins for every classroom and will be educating the rest of the school on which items can go in which bin. The recently formed Knutsford Youth Council allows children from Mobberley to meet with children from other schools and the Knutsford Town Mayor to discuss their thoughts on how Knutsford could be improved.

We also like to listen to the children share their opinions about different subjects that are taught in school.


Children were recently asked what they like about reading at our school. They said things such as:

“When I read, I like to imagine what it would be like to pop into that book!”

“I love doing the different voices when I read”

“Reading is important so I can read to my baby brother”


Children have also been asked their opinion about Geography at our school. They gave responses such as:

“Geography is my favourite. I think because History and Geography are the subjects that you can learn most about through reading.”

“I like Geography because even though you haven’t been to that country, you can imagine you are there.”

Geography is important because even though we have lots of technology and new advancements, it’s still important to learn things for ourselves and not rely on computers. We need to learn things such as map reading and learning about the outdoors.”

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Children have also been asked their opinion about History at our school. They gave responses such as:

History is my favourite subject at school because I like to learn about things that I didn’t know before.”

I like active lessons. Like the other day we had to go round the classroom hunting for facts.”

I like learning about History through story books as it makes me really want to find out what happens next. Like real things that have happened, but written as a story.”

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Children have been asked to give their opinion about Computing at our school.  They gave responses such as:

I really like computing, it’s cool. I want to be a gamer when I grow up.”

“I like learning about technology and how it’s used for different jobs.”

“I like using the Dash robots and working with my friends to solve problems.”

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