Overview: Behaviour Policy

Good behaviour is central to all we do in this school. High standards of behaviour will be expected and promoted at all times in lessons and throughout every aspect of the school’s life. We will work in partnership with parents to ensure that the school’s values become central to the lives of learners. Home and School Agreements will promote this policy.

Behaviour & Discipline Policy 20-21

Overview: Anti-Bullying Policy

Our school believes that its pupils have the right to learn (and play) in a supportive, caring and safe environment, without fear of being bullied. Bullying is defined as the deliberate desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. Bullying behaviour is usually conscious and wilful and continues over a period of time generally forming a pattern of behaviour (rather than an isolated incident).

Anti Bullying Policy

Overview: Pupil Premium Policy

Pupil premium is an additional sum of money used to provide support for identified pupils. Click onto the report below to see how this additional money was spent.

Pupil Premium strategy-Mobberley 18-19+progress

Overview: SEND Policy (Special Educational Needs & Disability)

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Overview: Local Offer 

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Overview: Admissions Process

Admissions Process Sept 2022

Overview: Mobberley Teaching and Learning Policy


Overview: Safeguarding Policy


Accessibility Plan

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Charging and Remissions Policy


Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy