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Mrs Millington


Welcome to Year 1’s Class Page

My name is Mrs Millington and I am the class teacher for Year 1. I am also the Phonics, History, Geography and Global subject leader.

Mrs Eadie is our class teaching assistant on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning. She is very passionate about music and can often be found singing her way through school!

Home Learning – May 2021

The worksheets that will be needed for each lesson are underlined. You can click the underlined words and the document will open. You can either print the document for your child to write on, or if you do not have a printer then you can display the worksheet on the screen and they can write their answers on a piece of paper. Please ensure your child does not complete their sheet until after the zoom session.

Here are some number lines and number squares for you to print: Small number line to 30    Large Number line to 30    Hundred Square

Monday 10th May 

9.15 Maths – Doubling 10.5 – You may need some small objects to help you with doubling (e.g. counters, pennies, peas, sweets – about 30 in total).

11.00 English – The sound collector 10.5

1.00 P.E. – We will be doing yoga so please wear some comfy clothes and find a small space that you can stretch in.

Tuesday 11th May

9.15 Maths – This is a practical lesson with no sheet to print. You will need some small objects to help you with grouping (e.g. counters, pennies, peas, sweets – about 16 in total). 

11.00 English – As tasty as fruit bowl 11.5

1.00 Geography – Route to school

Wednesday 12th May

9.15 Maths – Make equal groups 12.5 You will need some small objects to help you with grouping (e.g. counters, pennies, peas, sweets – about 30 in total). 

11.00 English – The summer smells 12.5

1.00 Art – you will need a large piece of blank paper. You could use A3, or a couple of smaller pieces taped together. Or the blank side of some leftover wallpaper! You will also need a pencil and some other resources, such as crayons, felt tips, chalk, oil pastels, wax crayons etc. Anything you can find! You will especially need green and blue colours, but you can use other colours too!

Thursday 13th May

9.15 Maths – This is a practical lesson with no sheet to print. You will need some small objects to help you with sharing (e.g. counters, pennies, peas, sweets – about 20 in total). 

11.00 English – In the woodland I can feel 13.5

1.00 Science – Parts of a plant

Friday 14th May

9.15 Maths – Sharing 14.5 You will need some small objects to help you with sharing (e.g. counters, pennies, peas, sweets – about 30 in total). 

11.00 English – My five senses 14.5

1.00 PSHE – Neighbourhood pledge

2.30 Golden Certificate Assembly with Mr Stenson

Here is our weekly timetable for the Summer Term. Click here to download a copy.

Summer overview


Please watch our Greet the Teacher video below.

Useful websites


General websites

Twinkl is a fantastic website full of ideas for the entire curriculum. They are currently offering free membership.

Go to Twinkl (click here) and use the offer code: CVDTWINKLHELPS

Discovery Education has videos, activities and resources for all areas of the curriculum. We have a school subscription so that you can log in at home. Click the login box in the right hand corner and select ‘Espresso’. Use the following login details:

Username: student7277

Password: mcp246

(Click here for the Parent letter and here for guidance on how to use the website at home)

Jack Hartmann has some great videos on youtube with everything from Maths and Phonics to dance routines!

Maths websites

Click here for some fun Maths games.

Songs and activities from BBC Bitesize

‘How to’ videos, games and activities from Oxford Owl

We use White Rose at school to plan Maths lessons and activities. Here are some home-learning packs.

Online lessons from Maths Hub

Phonics websites

Fantastic videos about different Phonic sounds from Alphablocks

E-books and Phonics guides at Oxford Owl

Interactive Phonics games at Phonics Play. Use the username: march20 and the password: home to access premium activities.

Reading websites

To access free reading books at home (like the ones we have at school) –

Collins Big Cat books  click on the Teacher portal and enter:  Username:    Password: Parents!21 

Click Collins Big Cat then select the colour band books that your child is currently on.

Oxford Owl books – on the right where it says Browse by Oxford Level, choose the colour band books that your child is currently on.

You can also listen to some age appropriate books being read (like the Look Up story we read at school) by clicking the links on this page.

Stories read by celebrities at Storyline

Stories read by astronauts from Space!

Here’s a link to a list of books that are suggested for Year 1 children. You could get these from the library or order online.

Topic websites

Click here for some ideas about Science at home – like experiments and quizzes!

The National Geographic Kids website has some wonderful videos and articles about nature, animals, countries and cultures.

There are 12 museums from around the world where you can take a virtual tour.

Many zoos have webcams where you can watch their animals enjoying some peace and quiet! Watch sea lions  ,   penguins and many, many more!

Keeping Active

Watch the dance videos at Go Noodle for a quick brain break and stretch!

Great Yoga videos can be found at Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Body Coach has created some videos for home workouts.

Arts and Crafts

Mo Willems has created some lunch doodle videos that you can draw along with.

Rob Biddulph has some great step-by-step drawing videos.

Here’s a link to a whole host of illustrators and artists who are uploading videos for art at home.

Click here for some painting tutorials by Brush and Bubbles – there are some specific ones designed for children!

Music websites

The following website allows you to play virtual musical instruments from a computer or tablet!

Click here for some music activities – use the same login details as the Collins Big Cat books above, then click Music Express.

More indoor activities

Here are 100 activities that can all be done indoors.


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