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Hello and welcome to Reception Class!

Mrs Murray teaches the Reception children on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and is supported by our teaching assistant Mrs Norbury who also runs our after school club. Mrs Franklin teaches in Reception for the rest of week supported by our other teaching assistant Mrs Ashworth.

This half term our topic is ‘Are We There Yet?’. This is a transport themed topic and the children have been involved in planning what they would like to learn about. We start this topic this week with a STEM big question which we will explore and investigate. Before Christmas the children suggested lots of different questions about transport that they would like to find out about. The question we decided on is ‘How do planes fly?’

We will also be learning about different types of transport, transport past and present and comparing and contrasting transport in the UK and in Nepal. The children will use collage/mixed Media to make train tracks . They will make 3D models using boxes/card/paper to create a flying machine. The artist study this half term is Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)  and we will explore colour mixing and painting techniques. Using bold brushstrokes to create transport paintings in the style of Van Gogh.


Our Talk for Writing book for this half term is ‘The Runaway Train’

We will learn to tell the story using actions and a pictorial story map. They will then sequence pictures from the story, write simple character and setting descriptions, write speech bubble captions, write simple sentences from the story. The children will talk about key characters and events, problem and solutions, Finally they will make their own story plan based on The Runaway Train story


We will continue teaching the Phase 3 sounds and will be practising reading and writing these sounds in words and then in simple sentences.


In Reception Class we follow White Rose Maths. This term we are focusing on  ‘Alive in Five’ and ‘Growing 6,7,8’ this includes:

  • Introducing Zero
  • Comparing numbers to 5
  • Composition of 4 and 5
  • Introducing 6, 7 and 8
  • Making pairs
  • Combining 2 groups
  • Compare Mass
  • Compare capacity
  • Length and height
  • Time

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Our PE day is Tuesday and Wednesday so please remember to come to school on these days wearing your PE kit.

Here is our weekly timetable. Click here to download a copy.

Reception Class Timetable 2022-23 final

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Click here for the ‘Greet the Teacher’ PowerPoint that we shared at our meeting at the start of September.

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