Online Safety

Mobberley C of E Primary School take a pro-active approach to ensuring all children are safely using the internet and are educated about the potential dangers. Content blockers are used on all our machines/devices, themed weeks throughout the year promote online safety and we have designated internet safety pupil officers who ‘spread the word’ about appropriate use. Staff test our systems at regular intervals to ensure their effectiveness. However, as we know 80% of children’s online activity will happen at home, we are committed to providing parents with as much support as possible to enable safe, happy and appropriate internet use by the children.

The following links provide guidance around some age appropriate apps for your children with educational benefits:

Apps-for-Early Years-Key Stage 1

Apps-for-Key Stage 2

What parents need to know about Apps

The following guides provide useful information for parents on some of the widely used apps and games:



Tiktok guidance for parents



Instagram guidance for parents

Fifa guide for parents


Fake-news guide for parents


In school, we encourage the children to have open and honest conversations with us about their internet use and what they might have seen online. The following guidance may provide some good conversation starters to use with your children:

Conversation Topics For Parents about Online Safety


Practical advice on how to make your child’s devices safer through parental controls can be found below:

Playstation – parental guide

Parental Guides – Nintendo3DS

Parental Guide – Nintendo Switch

Parental Guide – WiiU


If you are worried that your child may have encountered something dangerous online and you wish to report this, contact the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP) at:

CEOP have some excellent (age-appropriate) videos on their own YouTube Channel:

CEOP also provide detailed advice for parents around children’s internet use through the ‘thinkuknow’ site at:


Further information on subjects such as cyberbullying, online grooming, inappropriate content, online reputation, self-harm, etc. can be found at:


A regular visitor to our school is our Police Youth Engagement Officer for Cheshire East:


Macclesfield Police Station, Brunswick Street, SK10 1HQ


PC Commins is known to the children and to parents who have previously attended our internet safety talks. She has a wealth of knowledge about online apps and games (and the potential risks) and can provide guidance and advice for parents. Her last powerpoint presentation for parents on Internet safety can be viewed here:

Parent Internet_Safety_PowerPoint

And Jane’s last pupil presentation can be viewed here: