Equality Policy

Equality Policy 23-24

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour & Discipline Policy 23-24

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy 23-24

SEND Policy (Special Educational Needs & Disability)

Click here to view our SEND Policy 2023/2024

Local Offer 

Click here to view our Local Offer 2023/2024

Mental Health and Well-being

Click here to view our Mental Health and Well-being Policy 2023/2024

Admissions Process

Admissions Process 2023-24

Mobberley Teaching and Learning Policy

Teaching-and-Learning-Policy 2023-24

Safeguarding Policy

SEPT 2023 Mobberley Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Accessibility Plan

Click here to view our Accessibility Plan 2023/2024


Phonics policy 2023-24

Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy 23-25

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure Mobberley 23-24

Computing Policy

Click here to view our Computing Policy 2023/2024

E-safety Policy

Click here to view our E-Safety Policy 2023/2024

Acceptable Usage Policy 

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Financial Information and Benchmarking

Benchmarking 2022-23


(No employee at Mobberley CE Primary School earns £100k)