Ethos Team

Welcome to our Ethos Team

Our Ethos Team has a very important job in Mobberley Church of England School. Their responsibilities include;

Being ambassadors and actively promoting our Christian Values throughout our school community.

Planning, leading and evaluating collective worship.

Helping our local church community with their events.

Roots & Fruits Collective Worship.

Every week, we enjoy a ‘Roots & Fruits’ Collective Worship and the Ethos group sometimes take part and help to organise it. Our themes, which last half a term each, are: FRIENDSHIP, RESPECT, PERSEVERANCE, HONESTY, COMPASSION and COURAGE.

What is an Ethos Group?

Supports our school in developing our Christian distinctiveness

It promotes our Christian values:

We report to governors on what we have thought about and discussed.

We work with other adults to develop positive working relationships.

The meetings of our Ethos group are minuted. 

What does the Ethos group do?

Meet with Mrs Franklin and Mrs Whalley regularly to discuss aspects of our school’s commitment to our Christian ethos and school values.

We ask pupils their opinion about our school values and worship.

We feedback any findings that we have.

We help plan collective worship and take an active role in collective worship.

We try hard to develop our spirituality within school.

Develop reflective areas around school – keep them fresh and updated.

Ethos Team Voice: “In all that we do our values shine through!”

Response to the question: How do you know we’re a Church School?

“We have Christian Values”

“It says it in the name of our school”

“We learn about all religions in RE”

“We visit the Church”

“We talk about the values in the bible”

“We pray for others”

“We have lots of bibles in our school”