At Mobberley School, computing is taught discretely from Reception to Year 6. Computing sessions allow children to use digital technologies to enhance their learning across the curriculum.

Computing lessons allow learners to access innovative and interesting parts of the National Curriculum – such as coding and robotics.  The sessions develop skills such as; problem solving & debugging, resilience, teamwork, logical thinking, creativity and a knowledge of digital devices and their multimedia applications.

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All policies reviewed and updated September 2023 by Clare Bentzien (Computing Lead)

Whole School Yearly Overview (Units of Work from Kapow Computing)

Our E-Safety Ambassadors

We have four Year 5 E-Safety Ambassadors. They make sure the technology equipment is well looked after, they help during online safety assemblies and conduct pupil voice surveys.

Pupil Voice

Children have been asked to give their opinion about Computing at our school.  They gave responses such as:

I really like computing, it’s cool. I want to be a gamer when I grow up.”

“I like learning about technology and how it’s used for different jobs.”

“I like using the Dash robots and working with my friends to solve problems.”

Click here for more information about pupil voice in Computing.

Safer Internet Day – February 6th 2024

Safer Internet Day 2024 was celebrated on 6th February with the theme ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online.The whole school took part in activities to educate the children on how to stay safe online and treat others with respect online.

Competition 2024

The children were asked to design a computer game character with advice on how to stay safe online.  Here are the winning entries.  Well done everyone!

Digital Wizards are Back – September 2023

Digital Wizards have returned this half term to run breakfast clubs for Year 3 – Year 6 children.  The children have been working with VR, Lego WeDo and Spheros.