Goodness 2 Greatness

In Sept 19, the school wanted to develop some work on Mental Health and look at Personal Development in a holistic sense. Having looked at the various materials available and being disappointed with the quality, we approached James Wade Coaching to commission a ‘ground breaking’ new whole school approach which directly linked Physical Health with Mental Health. Through discussion, the ‘Goodness 2 Greatness’ initiative was born. A comprehensive programme of on-going home/school activities and events for each class was created, interspersed with themed days and enrichment visits by health professionals to engage and inform children and families.

Key elements of the programme involve: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Screen Time, Body Image, Physical Activity and Mental Wellbeing. Delivering the programme has involved strategic partnerships with Chester University, Oxford University, Sports Scientists, Elite level Nutritionists, Body Conditioning Coaches, etc.

The ‘Goodness 2 Greatness’ initiative has gained much publicity for it’s imaginative, new approach and has been adopted and adapted by other establishments such as King’s School, Macclesfield, Terra Nova School, Cheshire, etc.